Lagosians Adopt Home Solar Power Systems

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August 17, 2020
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Lagosians Adopt Home Solar Power Systems

There is a gradual change in the aerial view of the Lagos metropolis. Many people have noticed that when arriving Lagos by air and one looks down from the airplane one would notice a rapidly increasing number of roofs with solar panels installed. This is a welcome and exciting development for all devotees of renewable energy.  So what is all this excitement about?  In finding out we have discovered a few things

Solar Power System is the one stop solution to the hydra- hedged problem of  poor electricity availability and  environmental pollution. Just like the telecoms industry experienced a breakthrough with cellular telephony, the power sector stands to leapfrog to a state of high availability with the adoption of home solar power systems. As we are all aware, Nigeria suffers a lack of infrastructure in different sectors affect the economy and this includes the power grid which both insufficient and inadequate. For this reason, many homeowners who have hitherto relied on power generators are gradually adopting solar power options. So what exactly is solar power systems?

Solar Power Systems utilizes Solar Panels to harvest power from the sun and transmit the power thus generated into the house for powering household equipment such as lights, tv, computers, etc. The system can also be adopted in commercial locations such as offices, hospitals, and schools.  The beauty of this especially to commercial locations is that the power generated is consumed in the same period. However, homeowners also stand to gain because the peace of mind they get from the assurance of no interruption in power supply while enjoying family time.

The major benefit of the solar power system is the guarantee of constant supply. As we all know the sun has  never failed to shine in everyday for millions of years. Therefore once you have installed solar panels on your building, power outages are a thing of the past. It is also interesting to know that solar power systems are more affordable today than ever before, thanks to improvement in technology.  The systems are also durable. The solar panels last 25 to 30 years and this also improves the value of the building on which it is installed

Now you ask, are there any challenges to deploying thee solar power system? The major challenge that is usually encountered is the problem of space.  An average solar panels comes with a power rating of 250 – 300w. In order to generate the same amount of power to be supplied by a 20 kva generator for example, there would be the need for a large expanse of space which may not be readily available. In addition the initial capital outlay might appear daunting. However these challenges have been overcome in many situations by targeting essential services in the home thus minimizing the total rating required. In addition, at  Niteo Limited we offer our customers installment payment to make the acquisition more available.

Installing a solar power system at your house can be completed in 5 easy steps

At Niteo Limited we ensure that our processes are customer-friendly in order to make it very easy for our customers. With this it is possible to acquire our inverter systems in just five steps with an option of installmental payment if required.:

  1. Select your preferred package from the options offered.
  2. We would send you a proforma invoice stating the price and components of the system.
  3. Decide whether you would prefer to pay cash or the financing option.
  4. Make payment for the deposit or the full amount based on your preference.
  5. We will schedule a date for the installation and deploy the system without any further delay.

Thereafter you can start enjoying a 24/7 power supply making your house a more comfortable and pleasurable home for you and your family.

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