PV Renewable Solutions

The Sun continuously supply about 35,000 times the energy everyone on the planet require per time. This enormous amount of energy available still remains largely untapped. Energy from PV solar is still less than 1% of the world energy consumption. As the technology and equipment to tap the sun energy becomes cheaper and efficient, whereas, the cost of conventional energy supplies become more expensive, the need to go solar has become an attractive option.

Niteo Limited has developed competence and garnered experience in the use of PV solar for several applications, across various sectors of the economy. Our Solar solutions are simple, efficient, reliable and very affordable, yet, state-of- the- art.

PV Solar Applications

  • PV Solar Mini and Micro Grids
  • Solar Rural Electrifications
  • Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems
  • Solar Powered Street Lights
  • Solar for Navigation and traffic Lights
  • Solar for Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Solar for Telecommunications
  • Solar for Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Solar Aviation Lights

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