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June 15, 2020
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STR SERIES Static Voltage Regulator 10 – 2000 kVA – 1 – 30 kVA 3:3

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STR SERIES Static Voltage Regulator 10 – 2000 kVA – 1 – 30 kVA 3:3

  • Microprocessor Controlled Voltage Stabilisation
  • Precise Output Voltage Accuracy
  • True Static-Modular Design with Thyristor Technology
  • High Voltage Regulation Speed
  • Maintenance Free

Standard Electrical Features

  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Precise Output Voltage Accuracy ±1% to ±5%
  • Ultra-Fast Voltage Regulation (500V/s)
  • True 32-bit Microcontroller Controlled
  • High Efficiency >97%
  • Independent Phase Regulation to Correct Voltage aand Load Imbalance
  • Electronic Protection Against to Over Load, Low Voltage, High Voltage, Over Temperature, Over Current and Short Circuit
  • Overload Protection up to 150%
  • Fast Responsive to Voltage Surges
  • User Friendly, Easy and Comprehensive LCD Display and Mimic Diagram
  • Advanced Alarm Menu
  • Manual Bypass
  • Auto Restart when Mains Available
  • 512 Events Log Memory (Opt.)
  • Full Electronic Static Structure with No Moving Parts,
  • Delivering a ‘Maintenance Free’ Voltage Regulation Solution
  • Compact Design with High Quality Material and Minimum
  • Malfunction Hazard
  • Designed, Manufactured and Supplied to Comply with
  • Fully CE Compliant and Labelled


  • Available at any required input voltage value and range.
  • Available at any required output voltage value and tolerance from ±1% to ±5%.
  • Output voltage can be adjusted by the LCD panel.
  • Functionable with 50Hz and 60Hz.
  • Optional MCCB can be added to the output to provide additonal protection.
  • Optional automatic by-pass unit can be added to the output.
  • Isolation transformer or voltage changing auto-transformer can be added for both input and output.
  • Indoor and outdoor special cabinets with various IP protection classes can be provided.
  • Optional EMC-filters at both input and output.
  • Optional high-voltage protection and surge arrester.
  • Input and output terminals can be designed and located specially on the cabinet.
  • Optional Modbus.
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