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Our Services

Niteo Limited has formed strategic alliance with best companies in the world to provide integrated engineering solutions. These solutions not only meet international requirements, but are also well adapted to our environment and customers specific needs.

Our core competence includes:

  • PV Renewable Solutions
  • Power Systems and Power Protection Solutions
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Fire Engineering
  • Home Automation and Building Management Systems
  • Engineering Consulting, Project Management, and trainings


The Sun continuously supply about 35,000 times the energy everyone on the planet require per time. This enormous amount of energy available still remains largely untapped. Energy from PV solar is still less than 1% of the world energy consumption. As the technology and equipment to tap the sun energy becomes cheaper and efficient, whereas, the cost of conventional energy supplies become more expensive, the need to go solar has become an attractive option.

Niteo Limited has developed competence and garnered experience in the use of PV solar for several applications, across various sectors of the economy. Our Solar solutions are simple, efficient, reliable and very affordable, yet, state-of- the- art.

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Our Power Systems include Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Inverter Systems, Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR), Telecoms Power Supplies, Surge & Lightning Protection, Earthing

Our Power Backup Systems are designed to automatically provide emergency power, without delay or transients, to critical applications in case of an interruption to, or unacceptable condition of the mains/utility supply. We have leveraged on our partnerships with global leaders of Power Systems Manufacturers, as well as developed expertise to design and install appropriate solutions for your applications

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Providing adequate security for both lives and properties has become very imperative in this day and age. Therefore, Niteo Limited has employed integrated security solutions to ensure businesses and individuals are safe at work and at Home.

We have partnered with world leading manufacturers to design, install and commission high standard solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology enables you to integrate access control, security monitoring systems, lightings, power systems etc across your enterprise.

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Technology has helped to reduce fire incidents and ultimately mitigate its devastating outcomes.

At Niteo Limited, we have developed the experience and expertise to proffer the right fire detection, warning and protection systems for your infrastructures. Our solutions will detect fire at its very earliest stages, provide adequate warning and in some cases put out the fire, before it escalates. Thus, saving huge losses to lives and property.

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We pride ourselves in our ability to make your home and offices smart.

Our Solutions puts you in control of all appliances, ranging from TVs, Lightings, Air conditioning, security systems etc. You can monitor and control almost all home/office devices from local and remote locations

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